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Heidi and I have always wanted to run our little business in the most ethical way possible and we feel our social responsibility keenly.

We have recently started a Random Acts of kindness initiative, where people can buy or donate towards Chemotherapy Care Kits. It has been a valuable way people can feel they are helping those going through a difficult time, particularly children.

Over the last couple of months we have been able to make deliveries of chemotherapy kits to The Royal Children’s Hospital and St John of God, Day Oncology Unit.

Health care professionals, patients and parents have all been incredibly supportive and both Heidi and I have been  enjoying the feeling we are doing something which really benefits people having anticancer treatments on a practical level. The children we met were amazing, they all showed immense courage and strength of character.

Wherever we went we were met with friendly, welcoming smiles. The children were little rays of sunshine, showing amazing resilience through some of the toughest treatment regimens cancer researchers can muster, truly inspirational. What I was also struck with was the amazing strength of the children’ parents. They were happy to chat about their stories and in the short time I was there, it was clear the mum’s provide a solid support network for one another. After all, who else could possibly understand the rollercoaster of emotions they are experiencing. We left all the richer for the experience, humbled, with a warm glow – the one you get when you know you’ve done something good. And with our problems sharply back into perspective.

That evening, Heidi and I continued to text each other about the day we’d had, whilst cooking the dinner and bathing kids. We were both processing and reflecting on the day we’d had.

We were equally amazed when we delivered five Chemotherapy Care Kits and a donation to the Day Oncology Unit of St John of God Hospital. We were so delighted to receive appreciative smiles and positive feedback from everyone.

Practical Care continues to donate 10% of the retail price (that’s 25% of profits) back to cancer charities. Since starting we have committed to donating this money to help St john of God Day Oncology Unit create it’s own wig library and this week we were able to deliver our first donation towards this.

We really feel that this is what we want to be able to do for everyone, and perhaps with all this giving we might move towards a Not-for-Profit organisation. Heidi and I dream about it sometimes but we’re not in a position to do so yet.

If you would like to donate a Chemotherapy Care Kit or make a donation towards one for someone who needs it, please visit our shop at www.practicalcare.co.au/shop.


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