Chemotherapy Gift Pack- Boys


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Boy’s Chemotherapy gift pack

A Superhero Kit for little boys having chemotherapy treatment, because all Super heros need their super powers. The practical items in this kit help to transform anti-cancer treatments to super power serums which produce super powers to fight cancer. They also contain helpful remedies to help with the most common side effects of chemotherapy, such as, nausea, dry skin and sore mouth.

A heat pack teddy – to help ease upset tummy and for comfort of corse

A travel poncho travel blanket – as treatment can be long and often feel cold.

Socks– warm and sore feet

Queasy Pops– chemotherapy causes upset tummies

I.V cover– To help hind away the unpleasantries of chemotherapy

Aqueous cream– treatment cause damage to the skin

Blistex– dry and sore lips during treatment.

Straws– treatment makes your mouth sore

Mild toothpaste– to help with dry mouth

Children’s Soft toothbrush– sensitive gums during treatment

Travel sick bags– just in case you get caught out will traveling home.

A gift box presented in a lovely gift box

And 10% donated to cancer charities. we give back to cancer charities and change these every month.

Our packs have been put together by oncology nurses to give you practical items to help during treatment. This is one of the best gifts you can buy as it’ll be a go to box of gifts to help during the stages of treatment. Many items can be hard to source when the side effect hits and waiting for the next appointment to see the doctor to get his recommended item to relieve the discomfort is too long away. Here we have thought of the most common items to help with chemotherapy.

You can have you gift shipping straight to your loved one with a card and your own message. At no extra cost our shipping is below cost to help make this an affordable give.


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