CHEMOTHERAPY Gift Pack- Deluxe New and Improved!!


Chemotherapy Gift package


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Chemotherapy Gift Pack – Deluxe   New and improved!!

Our chemotherapy gift packages have been put together by oncology nurses to give you practical items to help during treatment. This is one of the best gifts you can buy as it’ll be a go to box of gifts to help during the stages of chemotherapy treatment. Many items can be hard to source when the side effect hits and waiting for the next appointment to see the doctor to get his recommended item to relieve the discomfort is too long away. Here we have thought of the most common items to help in our deluxe chemotherapy care kit.

New Moo Goo range, included in this pack is the highly recommended by oncology doctors. Chemotherapy patients suffer from dry skin, mouth and lips and all these product have been designed to be natural.

$10 from every deluxe pack will be donated to a cancer charity

 New Moogoo range added highly recommended by oncology doctors.

Retail value $120.20

Tummy Wellness Tea (retail $3.95)

Moo goo 270ml  udder cream, (retail $18.95)

Queasy Drops (retail $15.95)

Sick bags (retail $4.95)

Moo goo cleansing bar soap (retail $6.90)

Moo goo lip balm (retail $5.50) Missing from current photo.

Moo goo Soft Toothbrush (retail $3.95)

Moo goo gum protection Toothpaste (retail $9.90)

Moo goo gum protection Mouthwash (retail $11.90)

Cotton Gloves (retail $2.99)

Hairnet (retail $4.80)

Magnetic neck relaxer (retail $4.50)

Hospital overnight travel bag (foldable)   (retail $15.95)

Plus $10.00 to charity.

To make this the perfect pack you could add on compression sleeves or head scarf.

Your one-stop shop for gifts for that person you really care about. Show your care with practical gifts for someone undergoing chemotherapy. Show you really thought about it!

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