Compression sleeve



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Compression Sleeve

Many people are required to wear compression sleeves after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. To help with the swelling and to protect the arm from bumps, knocks, bites or even small scratches.

 Note: this price is for one sleeve and shipping is free select Casey/Cardinia if not purchase with a gift pack.

Are you affected by lymphedema?

Lymphoedema can be a side effect of some breast cancer treatments. It is a condition that relates to the body’s lymph nodes and it can cause swelling and discomfort.

Lymph nodes are glands that filter and drain fluid that circulates around the body. They are located through-out the body, including in the breast and armpit (axilla).

Lymph nodes are often removed during breast cancer surgery. Sometimes they are damaged by radiotherapy. When lymph nodes are removed or damaged, the natural flow of fluid from your breast and arm can be restricted. When this happens, swelling occurs and it is called lymphoedema.

Take care of your skin
-Keep your skin moist using a moisturising cream such as sorbolene.
-Protect your skin from the sun with clothing and sunscreen.
-If shaving your armpit, use an electric razor instead of a wet razor.
-Use insect repellent and, if bitten, use a product to reduce the itchiness of the bite.
-Protect your hands with gloves while washing dishes or gardening.
-Treat any cuts or breaks to the skin with antiseptic.
-If a cut, bite or break to the skin becomes red or inflamed, or if your arm swells quickly or becomes red and warm, see your doctor as soon as possible as you may have an infection that requires antibiotics.

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