Parent Pack



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Parent Pack

To help with those look stays in hospital sometime unexpected.


Fold up bag – hang to carry things but doesn’t take up much room.

Disposable toothbrush – just in case you get caught out.

Face wash cloth – to feel slightly refreshed.

Night eye mask – to help make the room dark during the night to catch some precious hours sleep.

Cool gel eye mask – for when eye ache from stress also helps with headaches

Kill germ – to keep nasties away while looking after a sick child.

Neck magnetic relief strap – to help with sore neck from bad posture.

Gold Collagen under eye pads – refreshing relief for tired eyes and help with dark circles under the eyes.

Adult colouring book – when you want to just switch off for a while but still need to be alert.

Colour pencils – useful for the colouring book.

Moo goo  – moisturiser as hospital air-conditioning can be very drying to the skin.

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