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St John of God Hospital, Berwick


St John of God Hospital Berwick have shown amazing support to Practical Care. They recommend our kits to their patients and we have been lucky enough to be able to donate several through the generosity of others. They currently hold a stock of our kits for their patients to purchase.

Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

Royal Childrens Hospitalchemotherapy gift pack girls.

A wonderful lady asked her family and friends to donate a children’s pack to the Royal Children’s Hospital for her 60th birthday, rather than buy gifts. This meant we were able to donate 6 Children’s Chemotherapy Kits to the beautiful kids in the isolation unit. A truly wonderful experience.


Caring for Bristols Cancer pateints web copy_0

All our friends here in Golden Crest Manors were greatful to be able to contribute funds for packs to give to our friends who are going through treatment for lung cancer. We all felt we were being pro-active being able to help them feel a little better during this time and to let them know how much they mean to us…” Judy Cartwright.


You are doing an amazing thing and these packs look good. 🙂” Princess Roxy Smith


 “Amazing, I hope more people can be made aware of this. Truly appreciated and perfect practically at a difficult time.” Jaqui-Marie Wright

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Fantastic and very thoughtful gift. Great ideaSarah Furnell-Vitale


Amazing range of products. So thoughtful for such a difficult time” Catherine Harrigan


I wanted to thank you for the gift you sent me in the post, I received it on Monday.  I had not ever heard of a chemo pack but it is a very clever idea!  It was very thoughtful and generous of you, I was really touched, so thank you for thinking of me. I love the card, I have bluetacked it to the wall as I love what it says so much.” Rebecca Bottomley


“Thank you from a stranger. I have leukemia and try to be positive every day. God bless you and Heidi” Judith Roser


If you would like to share any feedback about our Chemotherapy Care Kits or the products in them, please contact us here at Practical Care.


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