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Handy hints       


Dark chocolate

Many people find a metallic taste following chemotherapy treatment. You may enjoy the taste of dark chocolate, even if you didn’t enjoy it previously and adding it to food can help improve the flavour of the whole dish.

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is milder against sensitive scalps.

Travel blanket and travel pillow

Most people find their treatments involve a whole day in hospital. These can help make it more comfortable.

Nail strengthener or nail polish

Some chemotherapy treatments can damage nails. Using nail strengthener or a dark coloured nail polish can help protect them from becoming brittle and weak.


Your skin will be more sensitive to UV light. Applying a high protection sunscreen will help to protect your skin whilst outside.

Aromatherapy oils

Orange and ginger oils have been reported as helpful for nausea. Some chemotherapy units use them whilst giving treatment. Burn them in an oil burner or place a few drops on your pillowslip or handkerchief.

Note pad and pen

Chemo brain exists. Anything you have to remember or any questions for your healthcare team, write it down!


Before treatment, it is a good idea to visit your dentist. Chemotherapy increases the chances of cavities as the mouth is drier and does not have as much saliva to naturally give protection. If you are having a group of drugs called Bisphosphonates your doctor will usually advise you to see your dentist before starting treatment.


For the first few days after chemotherapy there may still be traces in bodily fluids. If you are planning to have sexual intercourse during this time, it is a good idea to use a condom, as any chemotherapy still present may cause irritation to your partner.


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