Chemotherapy Gift Hamper

Our chemotherapy gift hampers are her to help. A cancer diagnosis can be a worrying time. When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer it is hard to know what to do or say. Here at Practical Care we are here to help with our expert oncology nurse and a carer of a beloved cancer patient. Our chemotherapy gift hampers have been well thought about. We understand how hard this time can be and how chemotherapy treatment can effect your family.

Chemotherapy treatment causes many different side effects, making this time even more difficult. Friends and family often want to do something but feel helpless, flowers and chocolates do not always feel appropriate for chemotherapy patients. A Practical Care Chemotherapy Gift Hamper is a ‘go to’ box, full of practical items to help improve some of the most common side effects of chemotherapy.

Everything in the pack has been recommended by health care professionals or patients. Practical Care offers you an alternative present for a chemotherapy patient, purchase a Chemotherapy Gift Pack for someone you care about to make treatment more comfortable.

We can deliver direct, with a gift card for a loved one going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It will be the gift that keeps giving to help them through all the difficult stages of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

We donate 10% of our profit to different charities our charity for this month is our local st John of God hospital. They are putting together a wig library and we would like to assist.

We have also started our random acts of kindness where we are donating children chemotherapy gift packs to the Royal Children’s hospital. For as little as $10 you too could help us send more gift packs to cancer patients.

Practical help for the side effects of chemotherapy